Melamine Pads

Different sizes and shapes available for all kind of uses; mops, corners and pads (for floor machines, scrubbers and orbital equipment). In many cases, there's no need to add chemicals, only water, but in some cases adding an alkaline detergent or degreaser will help you save time.

  • There are 3 melamine pads with different strengths to choose for different types of surface roughness.
  • For smooth surfaces or to be used with a lighter equipment, use Soft Mul C pad, Bonastre's highest cleaning power. Low durability for rough surfaces.
  • Use HD+ for rough or anti slippery surfaces. It requires more pressure to obtain the best results.
  • For very rough surfaces or concrete, or if you want the highest durability, HDS is the best choice. Highest durability but less cleaning power.
  • Pads available in any size.

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